About This Site..

This is not just another WebSite of photos, but rather a Collection of memories in the form of Books and Prints. For almost twenty years we have been boat people, seeing the coasts and waterways by boat. All our boats were named Knotty Dog after our 1st mate , Ziggy, a ruff coat Jack Russell.

Jayne’s desire to photograph and document our adventures lead to the effort of the www.knottydog.com website which chronicled our trips from Alaska thru the Panama Canal to the East Coast and many rivers and waterways. Ziggy was always in the forefront of the logs.

The collection of photos grew and  Jayne’s interests shifted from writing logs for the website to photographing our travels; first boats, antique wooden boats, fishing boats, sail boat races, wooden boat shows, horse shows, dog shows, and birds. Many of these photos are the basis for posters for the Port Townsend Wood Boat Show or the San Juan County Fair or cartoons for special occasions.

The books are memories; the memory of where we were and how we got the photo.

All the Books and Prints on this site are for sale.  Prints Glacie or Canvas are available in various sizes.

The link below is to Jaynes Facebook Page where she posts picture of interest.  These are also available as high resolution Glacie prints.

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Books authored by Jayne gather Her photos around great memories.
current books are:



Florida Birds in the wild



Roche Harbor Memories.

Albums are collections by an event or interest.  All photos are available for sale as Glacie or Canvas Prints. For sizes and prices, contact Jayne.

Galleries are here